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All Stars Plus

All Stars PlusAll Stars Plus, our third program in the middle school series, consists of twelve 45-minute sessions and student/parent conversations.

All Stars Plus reinforces motivational concepts introduced in All Stars Core and All Stars Booster. Thus, Plus promotes a belief in positive futures, develops positive norms, strengthens personal commitments, strengthens bonds and encourage positive/adult attention.

In addition, All Stars Plus builds important skills students need to succeed in developing healthy lifestyles. These include:

  • Developing skills for making good decisions 
  • Learning how to set and be persistent at working towards goals 
  • Learning how to resist peer pressure,

Teachers have flexibility about when to deliver Plus. If delivered in sequence, All Stars Plus is ideal as a third-year dose of intervention or it can be delivered during the same year as All Stars Core or All Stars Booster should a more intense intervention be desired during either of these years.

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